Powerflushing in Doncaster, Scunthorpe and the Isle of Axholme
The objective of a Powerflush is to restore a Central Heating system back to maximum efficiency.
Most manufacturers stipulate a powerflush is necessary when fitting a new boiler onto an old central heating system as sludge and debris in the system can cause damage to the new boiler invalidating the warranty.
High efficiency, condensing boilers have become more and more complex resulting in becoming more vulnerable to damage from dirty central heating water.Existing debris is often dislodged when systems are altered or drained down.
A powerflush is also an excellent way of cleansing dirty systems where the symptoms of excessive dirt and sludge in the system are boiler noise and component failure,ie central heating pumps and valves.
A powerflush forces clean water around the system at high velocity but low pressure.
The central heating water is then tested for cleanliness and a chemical inhibitor added such as Sentinel or Fernox.
Natural Gas, LPG and oil fired boilers, central heating, radiators, cookers, bathrooms etc.

We offer high quality servicing, having been trained by leading boiler manufacturers.

We offer a prompt and efficient repair service utilising manufacturer fault finding diagnostic techniques


Gas Safe registered engineers providing a reliable service.

Bespoke bathrooms supplied and fitted including a tiling service if required. We also fit customer supplied bathrooms.
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